Win Over Fear – An Adventure

Last Sunday we visited Orsang Camp, situated at bank of Orsang River, Dabhoi, Gujarat. This place is 170km far from our Home. This camp is one of best place in Gujarat for camping, trekking and Nature living. We enjoyed whole day here. Had so much fun after long time.

As we reached they welcomed us by giving Tea/Coffee and Breakfast. Then there was a game to play by family. Every family will compete each other and win rewards like enjoy rides available there or cash. we played but unluckily didn’t get any reward.

We proceed for completing Activities they setup for climbing and trekking. After completing 7 Activities, we were like “Phewww, someone jus take us home!!!”. First one was easy. Second one, I was in fear when crossing a trunk of tree. In middle of trunk i slept little but managed after two times balancing. Third one was also easy. Forth one was little difficult. It was snack type wooden blocks. Took two halt to complete this one. Then we got lunch call. Had good lunch and took a nap. Then again stated another activity. Fifth one was also easy. Sixth was terrible for me. I have to cross a net. I thought its easy but after completing 75% of it, my hands were paining. Felt that i will loose this rope. But my brother encouraged me a lot and completed this one also. Now i was in pain a little. Seventh one was mini Zipline. Completed it with joy. We were tired so much. Some clicks are here.

Now, Its time to do Big Adventure of life, i.e 2.5 km long Zipline(Distributed in five slots). See, whole video of 2.5 km long Zipline.

At start felt little fear but again made-up my mind and started the Adventure. After completing all Zipline slits felt like never before. I am fearless now. I can do any Hard work or Adventure without any fear. This time is my WIN OVER FEAR completely. Its also an Adventure.


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