Life is Short N Long- with Courage N Courageous…

Hello friends… I know I m too late to post, after 2 months. Sorry guys n girls . Here is my post.

Sometimes I feel life is short and sometimes long. Never predictable. 

When we are with our family, friends and loved one, we always feel that these are the best things in life. In short glances and in some seconds, we live so much as we feel that life is better and still long way to go. But my friends if you see Hospital in your way of life, you will definitely feel that life is short. Here courage and courageous are best part to come out from the injuries and worst condition.

Here, I am with my father. Saying hello with waving hands. It’s 9 th day in ICU. I am jus sharing my thoughts. In these 9 days I felt that a little wrong movement can end you soon. With God’s blessings my dad is fighting against the injuries held in an accident. But one thing I understood that every people should live their life in their own way. Only God knows what will happen in future. So live life as you want. 

Life is short and earth is round. Due to some health issue my dad unbalanced on his vehicle and fell in a road side house which is  at least 6 feet deep from road. He is cured  in main parts like brain and spline but having severe injuries in his rib. Fracture in 10-12 ribs . But his fighting spirit and alertness gave us positive support to healing him without vantilator. He is so courageous  that help doctors and us to recover. Patient’s courageousness can make positive environment to heal him at that manner. Due to fracture in ribs he cant maintain oxygen level in his lungs. From last 3 days he can maintain oxygen but with mask . Now he is recovering from his injuries. Hope, Pray, Time and mainly Patience will give us best recovery from this condition. There is also our courage, family friends and loved ones , that we can see his bad condition, serve him with best resources, and give him positivity to recover as soon as possible.  Trust between us will make us strong and god will help to do that. 

So friends live life as you want , never take any tension or burden. Live free, stay healthy. Life is too short.