All are living their life. Have family, job, fun, happiness, sorrow. A person has a way through which he travels daily to his/her destination. Destination is home or workplace.
That way sometimes full of traffic, the behaviour of other persons are different at different times. If you travel every day 10 o clock, there may be so much traffic, some people has anger reaction some has happy, etc. Same way you travel in noon, there will be less traffic, you will find some piece while travelling. Same way you travel in evening, you will again feel traffic and same anger or happy reactions.

Now, think about a person you meet. He/ She is happy at some meetings. May be anger or tensed at some moments.

The connection between way and person is that no matter what reactions or feelings you felt from road or person you have to reach your destination. At any cost. If you want to stick with the destination. Don’t judge or feel bad about that way or person.

After all these you have to reach your destination to work or home And you want that person with you forever. Situations differ at different time. But thing matter to your desire.