Win Over Fear – An Adventure

Last Sunday we visited Orsang Camp, situated at bank of Orsang River, Dabhoi, Gujarat. This place is 170km far from our Home. This camp is one of best place in Gujarat for camping, trekking and Nature living. We enjoyed whole day here. Had so much fun after long time.

As we reached they welcomed us by giving Tea/Coffee and Breakfast. Then there was a game to play by family. Every family will compete each other and win rewards like enjoy rides available there or cash. we played but unluckily didn’t get any reward.

We proceed for completing Activities they setup for climbing and trekking. After completing 7 Activities, we were like “Phewww, someone jus take us home!!!”. First one was easy. Second one, I was in fear when crossing a trunk of tree. In middle of trunk i slept little but managed after two times balancing. Third one was also easy. Forth one was little difficult. It was snack type wooden blocks. Took two halt to complete this one. Then we got lunch call. Had good lunch and took a nap. Then again stated another activity. Fifth one was also easy. Sixth was terrible for me. I have to cross a net. I thought its easy but after completing 75% of it, my hands were paining. Felt that i will loose this rope. But my brother encouraged me a lot and completed this one also. Now i was in pain a little. Seventh one was mini Zipline. Completed it with joy. We were tired so much. Some clicks are here.

Now, Its time to do Big Adventure of life, i.e 2.5 km long Zipline(Distributed in five slots). See, whole video of 2.5 km long Zipline.

At start felt little fear but again made-up my mind and started the Adventure. After completing all Zipline slits felt like never before. I am fearless now. I can do any Hard work or Adventure without any fear. This time is my WIN OVER FEAR completely. Its also an Adventure.



All are living their life. Have family, job, fun, happiness, sorrow. A person has a way through which he travels daily to his/her destination. Destination is home or workplace.
That way sometimes full of traffic, the behaviour of other persons are different at different times. If you travel every day 10 o clock, there may be so much traffic, some people has anger reaction some has happy, etc. Same way you travel in noon, there will be less traffic, you will find some piece while travelling. Same way you travel in evening, you will again feel traffic and same anger or happy reactions.

Now, think about a person you meet. He/ She is happy at some meetings. May be anger or tensed at some moments.

The connection between way and person is that no matter what reactions or feelings you felt from road or person you have to reach your destination. At any cost. If you want to stick with the destination. Don’t judge or feel bad about that way or person.

After all these you have to reach your destination to work or home And you want that person with you forever. Situations differ at different time. But thing matter to your desire.

Hard Work For Food

Every people struggle hard to survive. In other words, every people work hard to fulfill his/her requirements and family member’s requirements. Every day we see so many people do work as per their abilities. Among them some get little amount, gives only daily food. Then Next day, again start with ZERO.

I have an incident, describe the same interesting thing.

They were summer days. In India, there is summer vacation in schools. Every student gets result and prepare for new class. We have 6-7 children in our society. All are in same school. One summer day was result day. All children went to school with parents. All got nice grades in their respective classes. One girl got First rank in her class. By gaining good result, one couple gave a nice lunch party at their home. All children were invited and were right on time. Unfortunately, the couple was not having any child. By giving these kinds of parties, they feel blessed. Woman made so tasty food for children.  Man gets every day green food like cabbage, tomato, cucumber, etc… (Diet Food…). But on this special day, he’ll also get some tasty food. So he took leave on that day in office.

While eating and enjoying with children, man prepared his dish with lots of food. But there is a little boy who was confused that what to take and what not from so many tasty dishes. Woman got the point of man that he’s enjoying this and remembered that green food. She agreed man to give his dish to that little boy. At that time he was arguing to have tasty food because he was bored to eat diet food every day. He argued and requested so many times. After too much arguments, woman ready to give him tasty food. At that time he refused and told a good thing which is a valuable thing.

He said: “Dear wife and children, there is no happiness in easily getting food. Actually, I was arguing because a person can only understand the value of food when he survives to get it. Also here I was enjoying, the argument with my wife as she cares about my health. This is Love. Remember children, this is reward for getting good grades in exam. You guys studied hard for these grades. Not only in school but after school, you guys have to work hard to survive. After that survive you will feel happiness in every morsel. So enjoy the tasty food. And I’ll have the cucumber. Lol …..”

So every person works hard for food. If not, then he will struggle a lot.

God bless everyone. “No one sleeps with empty stomach.” This is my wish.


Alive By Time


Everyone heals by TIME…  (It is like have time-capsule to heal.) Not in same DURATION…

Stop Over-thinking, stop being judgmental, Don’t have doubt, Don’t act unacceptable, Don’t feel pressurize.

Have faith in GOD.

Jus be calm, be deep meditative, Do what gives you happiness, be reflective and bright, Be a reason for someone’s smile…



Festive of Lights – Diwali – Have Green Diwali

In India, Diwali Festival is celebrated as welcome New Year as per Indian ritual. It is the festival of lights. Have good energy by praying and helping others. Now a days , we all have to celebrate Diwali as Green Diwali.

Current Year 2K17, we celebrate Diwali as Green Festive. Green means Ecofriendly Diwali. No lighting creckers – No pollution. We can have Green Diwali by decorating our homes, offices, places, etc … And do some social work. Here i am sharing you some clicks of my decorated office.


By using these things, we can help nature to grow. May god bless all. May all get what they deserve.

This remind me my childhood memories. We used to get up early around 4:00 am on diwali, new year days to light the creckers. We go to temple and pray to god . We meet our relatives. We dine together and light the creckers.

Now a days, pollution increases. So, by not lighting creckers we can reduce the generation of pollution and save nature.

Have good health, wealth, prosperity , happiness on this new year. Wishhing all Happy Diwali.  &  Happy New Year.

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This post is just for good wishes in Diwali festival and have a good thought – “Save Nature”. Believe in your self . You can save Nature. Thank You.

Ritual- Wedding Invitation writing(Gujarati Flavor)… Fun with Family & Friends. Yellow Invi. Card

In India, wedding is a function that starts from so many days. Engagement then Wedding.

For wedding we invite family & friends with perfect invitation card. These Invitation Cards are to be written as per our old rituals. With God’s blessings, Bride’s( Girl) family & friends write invitation card for Boy’s family & friends. These invitation cards will be delivered to the Groom’s(Boy) home. Groom’s family & friends accept invitation cards with the same process. After accepting cards, with God’s blessings and elder’s blessings, Groom’s family & friends give their invitation cards to Bride’s family & friends with joy. And then Lunch starts. After completing Lunch some members of house write all Guest’s name on individual cards. Then all cards will be delivered to remaining family & Friends.

Our card is Yellow with golden touch… written in Gujarati Language.

The fun during this ritual process is awesome. People Get to know the meaning of relationships, The Cousins relation touch, Togetherness,  Some Foodiieee Lovers, all kind of things you will see and Enjoy it.

Here I m Presenting Some Moments.

  • Traditional On this day.

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  • Arrival of Bride’s side Invitation Cards -my brother in law


  • Tilak

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  • Writing Reply and Giving  Invitation Cards from Groom side

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  • Invitation Cards

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  • My Grand Father Reading Invitation Cardimg_4029



Life is Short N Long- with Courage N Courageous…

Hello friends… I know I m too late to post, after 2 months. Sorry guys n girls . Here is my post.

Sometimes I feel life is short and sometimes long. Never predictable. 

When we are with our family, friends and loved one, we always feel that these are the best things in life. In short glances and in some seconds, we live so much as we feel that life is better and still long way to go. But my friends if you see Hospital in your way of life, you will definitely feel that life is short. Here courage and courageous are best part to come out from the injuries and worst condition.

Here, I am with my father. Saying hello with waving hands. It’s 9 th day in ICU. I am jus sharing my thoughts. In these 9 days I felt that a little wrong movement can end you soon. With God’s blessings my dad is fighting against the injuries held in an accident. But one thing I understood that every people should live their life in their own way. Only God knows what will happen in future. So live life as you want. 

Life is short and earth is round. Due to some health issue my dad unbalanced on his vehicle and fell in a road side house which is  at least 6 feet deep from road. He is cured  in main parts like brain and spline but having severe injuries in his rib. Fracture in 10-12 ribs . But his fighting spirit and alertness gave us positive support to healing him without vantilator. He is so courageous  that help doctors and us to recover. Patient’s courageousness can make positive environment to heal him at that manner. Due to fracture in ribs he cant maintain oxygen level in his lungs. From last 3 days he can maintain oxygen but with mask . Now he is recovering from his injuries. Hope, Pray, Time and mainly Patience will give us best recovery from this condition. There is also our courage, family friends and loved ones , that we can see his bad condition, serve him with best resources, and give him positivity to recover as soon as possible.  Trust between us will make us strong and god will help to do that. 

So friends live life as you want , never take any tension or burden. Live free, stay healthy. Life is too short. 

Necessity for Life-Carefree…

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Hello guys, Good Noon…

In today’s world of high tension, Stress, Money, etc. people become CAREFREE. In the race of getting more facilities, people don’t even care for their selves also. High technologies take place of real relationships. Also people become more lazy than early time. Carefree is necessary . This is one side of carefree. Yeah if care in your curiosity, eagerness, love become more then it is danger for that relation. Here people have to be carefree at certain amount. then the other person feel free and relation will remain strong. Also another side of carefree is also dangerous. A person is carefree if he can let go different things which he/she don’t like.

After all its a thing of nature which should not be Too much and Too less. The carefree should be in perfect amount for healthy living and happy living.

Good Wishes all…

–J@ck Jay Katira