Ritual- Wedding Invitation writing(Gujarati Flavor)… Fun with Family & Friends. Yellow Invi. Card

In India, wedding is a function that starts from so many days. Engagement then Wedding.

For wedding we invite family & friends with perfect invitation card. These Invitation Cards are to be written as per our old rituals. With God’s blessings, Bride’s( Girl) family & friends write invitation card for Boy’s family & friends. These invitation cards will be delivered to the Groom’s(Boy) home. Groom’s family & friends accept invitation cards with the same process. After accepting cards, with God’s blessings and elder’s blessings, Groom’s family & friends give their invitation cards to Bride’s family & friends with joy. And then Lunch starts. After completing Lunch some members of house write all Guest’s name on individual cards. Then all cards will be delivered to remaining family & Friends.

Our card is Yellow with golden touch… written in Gujarati Language.

The fun during this ritual process is awesome. People Get to know the meaning of relationships, The Cousins relation touch, Togetherness,  Some Foodiieee Lovers, all kind of things you will see and Enjoy it.

Here I m Presenting Some Moments.

  • Traditional On this day.

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  • Arrival of Bride’s side Invitation Cards -my brother in law


  • Tilak

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  • Writing Reply and Giving  Invitation Cards from Groom side

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  • Invitation Cards

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  • My Grand Father Reading Invitation Cardimg_4029