Necessity for Life-Carefree…

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Hello guys, Good Noon…

In today’s world of high tension, Stress, Money, etc. people become CAREFREE. In the race of getting more facilities, people don’t even care for their selves also. High technologies take place of real relationships. Also people become more lazy than early time. Carefree is necessary . This is one side of carefree. Yeah if care in your curiosity, eagerness, love become more then it is danger for that relation. Here people have to be carefree at certain amount. then the other person feel free and relation will remain strong. Also another side of carefree is also dangerous. A person is carefree if he can let go different things which he/she don’t like.

After all its a thing of nature which should not be Too much and Too less. The carefree should be in perfect amount for healthy living and happy living.

Good Wishes all…

–J@ck Jay Katira

Sense of Autonomy

Autonomy means Independence, Freedom. Autonomy means to be free from tied things. things may be some relation, work, job, work etc…

The sense of  Autonomy is important in life. If people take it in right way then a nation can be free from ruled army. Or people can kill himself by wrong use of Autonomy like a boy addicted to so many drugs without knowing his parents.

There are so many stories related to Autonomy/ Freedom/ Independence. Only Some True and pure people have Autonomy. Other can’t have it because it needs full trust on own. If you have trust on yourself then you can be free from all things you want and at any time.Actually Autonomy means not only freedom but also Engage. As you are free from some work then you are ruling a smart and great things with you, but you are engage from one work to another.

Mahatma Gandhiji (our Father of the Nation-India) Said that “Freedom is not worth having if it does not cannot freedom to err.” Means it is not worth it if there is no freedom or Autonomy to make mistakes. If people do mistakes then only they can get perfection in their desired work or thing.


If we are satisfied then it is Autonomy,Freedom, Independence.