Festive of Lights – Diwali – Have Green Diwali

In India, Diwali Festival is celebrated as welcome New Year as per Indian ritual. It is the festival of lights. Have good energy by praying and helping others. Now a days , we all have to celebrate Diwali as Green Diwali.

Current Year 2K17, we celebrate Diwali as Green Festive. Green means Ecofriendly Diwali. No lighting creckers – No pollution. We can have Green Diwali by decorating our homes, offices, places, etc … And do some social work. Here i am sharing you some clicks of my decorated office.


By using these things, we can help nature to grow. May god bless all. May all get what they deserve.

This remind me my childhood memories. We used to get up early around 4:00 am on diwali, new year days to light the creckers. We go to temple and pray to god . We meet our relatives. We dine together and light the creckers.

Now a days, pollution increases. So, by not lighting creckers we can reduce the generation of pollution and save nature.

Have good health, wealth, prosperity , happiness on this new year. Wishhing all Happy Diwali.  &  Happy New Year.

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This post is just for good wishes in Diwali festival and have a good thought – “Save Nature”. Believe in your self . You can save Nature. Thank You.