Sense of Autonomy

Autonomy means Independence, Freedom. Autonomy means to be free from tied things. things may be some relation, work, job, work etc…

The sense of  Autonomy is important in life. If people take it in right way then a nation can be free from ruled army. Or people can kill himself by wrong use of Autonomy like a boy addicted to so many drugs without knowing his parents.

There are so many stories related to Autonomy/ Freedom/ Independence. Only Some True and pure people have Autonomy. Other can’t have it because it needs full trust on own. If you have trust on yourself then you can be free from all things you want and at any time.Actually Autonomy means not only freedom but also Engage. As you are free from some work then you are ruling a smart and great things with you, but you are engage from one work to another.

Mahatma Gandhiji (our Father of the Nation-India) Said that “Freedom is not worth having if it does not cannot freedom to err.” Means it is not worth it if there is no freedom or Autonomy to make mistakes. If people do mistakes then only they can get perfection in their desired work or thing.


If we are satisfied then it is Autonomy,Freedom, Independence.


Be like Water…

LogoMakr (2)

WATER is a priceless thing on Earth , actually more important than anything. The thirst can only be fulfill by water.

Water is Pure in Earth. Every one can be Pure like water. If you are open, free, transparent then no one can hurt you in any way. Be PURE like WATER.

If water flows in a river or stays in sea, it stays in the position where it is place. We can say that water takes the shape of bottle if we fill the bottle with water. It takes the shape of contained thing. So be VERSATILE like WATER. If you go to any place, and have to change our nature and behavior then don’t hesitate. Remember water. Be versatile as per situation.

All we know that water for drinking is less. The resource is being used by us. The resource of WATER reduces day by day. Don’t waste it, jus use it when needed. By this we can have water for long time than calculated time to use resource of WATER.


Save it.

And Have it.

Very Happy Good Morning ALL.

This post in response of Daily Prompt WATER, Photo challenge SPARE and PURE.

–J@ck Jay Katira

First Nomination: Liebster Award

Hello Guys, I am Jay Katira. I am an Embedded Developer Engineer. Very friendly person. I am from Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India. I Love Travel, Music, Movies, wandering, crazy things…

I am nominated for Liebster award by Madhavi Singh – The Quiet Girl Blogger. Thank you Madhavi Singh for nominating me and believing in me. I’ll try to fulfill all desires for this nomination and award.


First I want to say something. Though i started from 15 Oct, 2015, I am new one here . Then directly i have started blogging from 28 May, 2015. still i am new one to these things. I am not aware of award and nomination kind of things. But I try.

Here are some rules:


Thank you Madhavi Singh for the Opportunity. And Congrats you too for Seventh time Nomination.

Answers to 11 Questions by the Blogger who Nominate me:

Name one thing you cannot go a day without?

Seeing My Dad.

Nicknames are always funny. What’s yours?

Too many lol… : Lalu, Bholu, Gotu, Jack, Kattu Baba, Jadiya

Describe your life with a movie title/ a song.

Movie:”2 states” by Chetan Bhagat. till they meet again. In my case Again Meet was Not possible. the Writing part is running… As a Blogger.


What was you first rejection or proposal like?

A pet. I love Dog. Mostly Labradorean.

Were you a shy kid in school or someone who makes the whole class laugh?

yeah, Little shy but sometimes whole class laugh when i comment something Crazy.. lol…

An inspirational movie you would suggest someone to watch?

Indian Bollywood Movie- “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara”, In Hollywood- “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Do you believe in drinking to flaunt or just be okay with admitting to not drink while your group does, at a club?

i don’t believe in flaunt but occasionally drink. Is there a group for Drink then why to worry have it as much you can handle yourself.

Are you a gym freak? How do you feel about being one?

No, not yet. but I will go to Gym.

Wedding near a beach or at a plaza?

Near a Beach. i love Beach. The nature and wind. Also want to sleep in water lol… Have some subs and Coke-zero,a boat and a life partner lol.

Cats or dogs?



You are/aim to be a/an……?

I aim to be a Good Technological person and a  writer too…

11 Random Facts about myself:

  1. I am Masters in Embedded System engineering.
  2. I got Angry at some tensed point.
  3. I love Travel, discover and exploring New thing in life and Engineering both, Music romantic, soft, some pop, movies, Some Food.
  4. I love to live at Beach. I love the scene of that place and the waves of sea. To wet my legs in those coming waves.
  5. I am Little senty Person. I can’t see my connected people to be in trouble.
  6. I always care for those person who connected to me.
  7. I love Biking, Long drive.I can live anywhere in the world.
  8. I love to watch FRIENDS series, as many times you say to watch.
  9. If a person doing something wrong who connected me then i become very Angry.
  10. I love my Dad most. Always I want to see him once a day.
  11. I want to be at Highest post where knowledge and Technology appreciated not Money. I know i am not like that right now but definitely reach there.

11 Questions that i want to ask:

  1. What’s most Important,Money or Respect?
  2. Name a thing you won’t Live without.
  3. Appreciate a person whom you respect more and Accept suggestions.(contact the Person and If you okey to share here then share it)
  4. Which place you want to go for at least once?
  5. Name one favorite Food.
  6. Name a Favorite movie.
  7. Give a word for Yourself that describe you.
  8. Say something about Beach, seashore.
  9. If you given a chance to adopt a child, what will you do?
  10. Name a person You Love most.
  11. What you want to be?

Nominations by Me:

phewww……… Too much writing…..
Thank you guys…

–J@ck Jay Katira


Surprise Meet…

yesterday has a STORY…

Yesterday, i was having same busy day. Work in Office, Excited because our product will be shown to the Buyers and Great Engineers and Some IAS, IPS officers. After Lunch our Boss called us, Get whole details about product and start forward to the demo place. Again sitting on my desk, jus scrolling my phone screen and got a notification of whats app.

Are you guys thinking that surprise meeting with a girl?

Notification of a girl?

No, that notification was from a group of Brothers. there are 4 Images, some kind of decoration going on. my brother is typing….

Bhavin(my bro): come at ashish’s home. as soon as possible.

         don’t tell any one its a surprise for Shweta(my sis).

I (Jay): are you already there? when they will come at home?

Bhavin: yes, come fast. Arount 6 pm.

Ashish(my bro): Yes they will come at 6 pm. come fast. today leave early from office.

  Tell them that You become Uncle(Mama). They won’t say no to this.

I: ok i’ll try bro. and try to come as soon as possible. Ok, bbye.

Conversation ended here. actually my cousin(Shweta) blessed with a baby girl two days ago.They were comming back from hospital to home. and my cousins have planned to decorate her room as WELCOME and Great wishes. I was like how to say that i want to go for this moment. I gathered some courage to say this scenario to our sir and told whole thing. Luckily, i got permission to go early.

At 5 pm i left office and direct went to my cousin Ashsih’s home. both cousins were in shock. yeah brother is here. they had decorate most of the room. I helped them for remaining part. Last photos of baby are remain to be clipped to wall.  And…….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

suddenly,Doorbell rang. Other side, cousin sis with a bay,my Uncle and aunt and brother in law and his mother were waiting for door open.  As they came in, shower of roses and balloons  started. They all were surprised and happy too. After some freshness and tea-break, we all sat together. Baby(my cousin) woke up, shaking hand, little eyes are open for while and then closed. This was happen up to 10 minutes. Then we all cousins were  sitting in a row to play with little,cute, adorable ,pretty niece.

Now i was going to take my niece in my lap, and she was staring at me continuously. That feeling was GREAT. Touched to my HEART. i was like to the cloud 9. No other feeling is to have a baby in your hand and she is seeing you.


Really surprise meet that was!!! A surprise meet with little, cute, adorable, lovely Niece. All people should have this kind of feeling. So, how yesterday was changed from regular to precious day.

this is my SURPRISE MEET…

–J@ck Jay Katira



Life is to have… Perfection



Perfection means to be hold at the point where nothing have to be change. without fault, without error, with out flow,etc… but as much as possible.

No person is perfect by born, Every person have to be perfect. Any person has to learn to be perfect. Otherwise success wont see you.

Perfection is never attainable. no one can be perfect. Person can go near it but cant get it. If a person follow the perfection , definitely he/she can catch success. It is like Limit function in Mathematics. In Math, we write( Lim t–>0) means  t is a variable and it will go near to ‘0’ but never become ‘0’.

A great person MAHATMA GANDHI said great lines “A PRINCIPAL is the expression of PERFECTION, And as imperfect beings like us cannot practice PERFECTION, we devise every moment limits of its compromise in PRACTICE.”(Image taken from Lifehack quotes)

So the Limit example was true that we can reach near to PERFECTION but can not be PERFECT.

Perfection comes with experience and experience comes with experiences.

Natural in Emotions


simply means feelings, emotions come from heart, by default or we can say that people have the emotions as per their Nature. Emotions referred to as  the feelings,expressions for proper action.

Five Natural Emotions :

LogoMakr (1)


It is the pain. A person feels the pain when he looses something.It is Natural feeling with broken, unsatisfied, incomplete attachments. It can not be suppressed. If it cant be handled then it leads to depression. Grief is good when a person take as motivation, or a person realize that how life is!!! By this more focus and new goals can be built.


Anger is a person’s most valuable emotion i think. it comes when a person is threatened or insulted , etc… If anger is not handled , leads to violence. If it is handled with care it will become Motivation and become Good one. If we talk about Anger, first of all a negative thinking comes in picture. But Anger can make a man Powerful, Rich, Top of the field. Also it can demotivate a person or make a person to be the  bottom of the field.


This emotion can be found in many persons. This feelings states that i want something which is already having another person. Its kind of WISH. It can cause two kind of situations in life. One is to wish the unfortunate thing and dwelling on destructive, hurtful thoughts. Another is to use it as motivation to earn that thing which is available to another person.


Fear is a emotion when a person feels like unsafe. it is a survival stat of pain or danger. A person in fear may not do any action like a paralyzed person. There is a saying:”Face your FEAR, Live your DREAMS”. Instead of getting paralyzed, conquer your fears and use them to push you beyond your limits. Using this emotion can awaken hidden resources you didn’t even know were there.


It is a feeling arise from a sense of strong affection, attraction , personal bod. It always considered as Positive emotion. A person love another person, pet, work,etc… Love is positive till another person feels safe,cared,loved,happy,etc… If another person feels unsafe or your love hurts someone then it will be negative side. Nevertheless, love is the most powerful of all human emotions, and just like the other four emotions, you can utilize to your advantage.

–J@ck Jay Katira

Struggle- a Painful but Great part of Every One’s LIFE


Every one has different life. Some people have easy life,some have hard life. When a child born, if parents are well settled then  he/she have good life but he/she have to struggle at some point of life like carrier, partner,etc… In other side, if parents are not well settled then he/she have to struggle from childhood but his/her life is more good and satisfied when the time come for settled life.

I am not judging anyone here but as i seen some families, i came to know that at last all is good if people are happy. The point is STRUGGLE. In both kind of families struggle will be there, in early time or late time. It’s not like that well settled people must struggle, but some people face it. Every people struggle in their own life. Not only for starve or earn money, there may be different aspect as per their life. But people face it and get rid of it and have good life.

One example we have, a chain is made connected links made of metal. But when we tied it to some extent,  it will also struggle to tie that thing. It will struggle until we relies it. But it never fails until the force become more than its bearable strength. Be like chain.

Struggle is like TEACHER. It teaches you how to manage the all situations. when we are in some problem at that time the lessons we learnt from struggle came to help you out. Also, struggle will tell you that who believe in you and who don’t. we came to know the true support of family and friends.

This is LIFE and STRUGGLE is a part of it. Don’t loose hope, believe in yourself and do hard word in the time of STRUGGLE. SUCCESS is yours always. No one will get your desired outcome of your efforts, you are the one who will get it ad enjoy it.

I am also in this phase. But Life has its own way, we have to do what we are made for. ALL is Well at the end. God bless you all. Have a nice day…

–J@ck Jay Katira





Transformation is a process where thing and living changes the way of being used or being live. we are also a part of transformation. Troglodyte were the first human being. As time passed people live more easily than Early man from stone age. We are from 21st century- smart technology world.As we accommodate more facilities we transformed from stone age to technology age.

One little story for Transformation:” once a man used to walk to reach from one place to another. After some years he used bicycle for transport, then two-wheeler and four-wheeler. At last he transformed from walk to use vehicle. At last his tummy became big, and went to gym. There he was given exercise sets for walking and cycling.”

lol… Here, TRANSFORMATION done very effectively. Its not only in transportation but also in all kind of routine. We used to wear good clothes, to eat good food, to have good living, to live in good home, etc…

But, As we transformed we used to have more facilities. We become lazy due to some facilities. As stated in story, Transformation is good, but Life cycle completes. Man was at the same stage where he started. I am not in opposition of Transformation but we become more lazy. So people, be alert, be Good, be transformed but don’t be lazy.

–J@ck Jay Katira