Be like Water…

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WATER is a priceless thing on Earth , actually more important than anything. The thirst can only be fulfill by water.

Water is Pure in Earth. Every one can be Pure like water. If you are open, free, transparent then no one can hurt you in any way. Be PURE like WATER.

If water flows in a river or stays in sea, it stays in the position where it is place. We can say that water takes the shape of bottle if we fill the bottle with water. It takes the shape of contained thing. So be VERSATILE like WATER. If you go to any place, and have to change our nature and behavior then don’t hesitate. Remember water. Be versatile as per situation.

All we know that water for drinking is less. The resource is being used by us. The resource of WATER reduces day by day. Don’t waste it, jus use it when needed. By this we can have water for long time than calculated time to use resource of WATER.


Save it.

And Have it.

Very Happy Good Morning ALL.

This post in response of Daily Prompt WATER, Photo challenge SPARE and PURE.

–J@ck Jay Katira


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