Surprise Meet…

yesterday has a STORY…

Yesterday, i was having same busy day. Work in Office, Excited because our product will be shown to the Buyers and Great Engineers and Some IAS, IPS officers. After Lunch our Boss called us, Get whole details about product and start forward to the demo place. Again sitting on my desk, jus scrolling my phone screen and got a notification of whats app.

Are you guys thinking that surprise meeting with a girl?

Notification of a girl?

No, that notification was from a group of Brothers. there are 4 Images, some kind of decoration going on. my brother is typing….

Bhavin(my bro): come at ashish’s home. as soon as possible.

         don’t tell any one its a surprise for Shweta(my sis).

I (Jay): are you already there? when they will come at home?

Bhavin: yes, come fast. Arount 6 pm.

Ashish(my bro): Yes they will come at 6 pm. come fast. today leave early from office.

  Tell them that You become Uncle(Mama). They won’t say no to this.

I: ok i’ll try bro. and try to come as soon as possible. Ok, bbye.

Conversation ended here. actually my cousin(Shweta) blessed with a baby girl two days ago.They were comming back from hospital to home. and my cousins have planned to decorate her room as WELCOME and Great wishes. I was like how to say that i want to go for this moment. I gathered some courage to say this scenario to our sir and told whole thing. Luckily, i got permission to go early.

At 5 pm i left office and direct went to my cousin Ashsih’s home. both cousins were in shock. yeah brother is here. they had decorate most of the room. I helped them for remaining part. Last photos of baby are remain to be clipped to wall.  And…….

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suddenly,Doorbell rang. Other side, cousin sis with a bay,my Uncle and aunt and brother in law and his mother were waiting for door open.  As they came in, shower of roses and balloons  started. They all were surprised and happy too. After some freshness and tea-break, we all sat together. Baby(my cousin) woke up, shaking hand, little eyes are open for while and then closed. This was happen up to 10 minutes. Then we all cousins were  sitting in a row to play with little,cute, adorable ,pretty niece.

Now i was going to take my niece in my lap, and she was staring at me continuously. That feeling was GREAT. Touched to my HEART. i was like to the cloud 9. No other feeling is to have a baby in your hand and she is seeing you.


Really surprise meet that was!!! A surprise meet with little, cute, adorable, lovely Niece. All people should have this kind of feeling. So, how yesterday was changed from regular to precious day.

this is my SURPRISE MEET…

–J@ck Jay Katira




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