First Nomination: Liebster Award

Hello Guys, I am Jay Katira. I am an Embedded Developer Engineer. Very friendly person. I am from Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India. I Love Travel, Music, Movies, wandering, crazy things…

I am nominated for Liebster award by Madhavi Singh – The Quiet Girl Blogger. Thank you Madhavi Singh for nominating me and believing in me. I’ll try to fulfill all desires for this nomination and award.


First I want to say something. Though i started from 15 Oct, 2015, I am new one here . Then directly i have started blogging from 28 May, 2015. still i am new one to these things. I am not aware of award and nomination kind of things. But I try.

Here are some rules:


Thank you Madhavi Singh for the Opportunity. And Congrats you too for Seventh time Nomination.

Answers to 11 Questions by the Blogger who Nominate me:

Name one thing you cannot go a day without?

Seeing My Dad.

Nicknames are always funny. What’s yours?

Too many lol… : Lalu, Bholu, Gotu, Jack, Kattu Baba, Jadiya

Describe your life with a movie title/ a song.

Movie:”2 states” by Chetan Bhagat. till they meet again. In my case Again Meet was Not possible. the Writing part is running… As a Blogger.


What was you first rejection or proposal like?

A pet. I love Dog. Mostly Labradorean.

Were you a shy kid in school or someone who makes the whole class laugh?

yeah, Little shy but sometimes whole class laugh when i comment something Crazy.. lol…

An inspirational movie you would suggest someone to watch?

Indian Bollywood Movie- “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara”, In Hollywood- “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Do you believe in drinking to flaunt or just be okay with admitting to not drink while your group does, at a club?

i don’t believe in flaunt but occasionally drink. Is there a group for Drink then why to worry have it as much you can handle yourself.

Are you a gym freak? How do you feel about being one?

No, not yet. but I will go to Gym.

Wedding near a beach or at a plaza?

Near a Beach. i love Beach. The nature and wind. Also want to sleep in water lol… Have some subs and Coke-zero,a boat and a life partner lol.

Cats or dogs?



You are/aim to be a/an……?

I aim to be a Good Technological person and a  writer too…

11 Random Facts about myself:

  1. I am Masters in Embedded System engineering.
  2. I got Angry at some tensed point.
  3. I love Travel, discover and exploring New thing in life and Engineering both, Music romantic, soft, some pop, movies, Some Food.
  4. I love to live at Beach. I love the scene of that place and the waves of sea. To wet my legs in those coming waves.
  5. I am Little senty Person. I can’t see my connected people to be in trouble.
  6. I always care for those person who connected to me.
  7. I love Biking, Long drive.I can live anywhere in the world.
  8. I love to watch FRIENDS series, as many times you say to watch.
  9. If a person doing something wrong who connected me then i become very Angry.
  10. I love my Dad most. Always I want to see him once a day.
  11. I want to be at Highest post where knowledge and Technology appreciated not Money. I know i am not like that right now but definitely reach there.

11 Questions that i want to ask:

  1. What’s most Important,Money or Respect?
  2. Name a thing you won’t Live without.
  3. Appreciate a person whom you respect more and Accept suggestions.(contact the Person and If you okey to share here then share it)
  4. Which place you want to go for at least once?
  5. Name one favorite Food.
  6. Name a Favorite movie.
  7. Give a word for Yourself that describe you.
  8. Say something about Beach, seashore.
  9. If you given a chance to adopt a child, what will you do?
  10. Name a person You Love most.
  11. What you want to be?

Nominations by Me:

phewww……… Too much writing…..
Thank you guys…

–J@ck Jay Katira



12 thoughts on “First Nomination: Liebster Award

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this nomination I dare say. But I truly appreciate your kind thoughts. Thank you so much and congratulations on your award. More awards will surely follow so keep writing. Cheers. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. Hello Ray,
    I was pleased and pleasantly surprised, thank you 😌 However since I recently took all personal content off of my blog I was an able to fulfill the requirements exactly, but I wanted to acknowledge this special recognition in some manner. So please accept Aw Shucks a Voyage as my feeble attempt.
    ❤️ Blessings Belinda


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