Life is to have… Perfection



Perfection means to be hold at the point where nothing have to be change. without fault, without error, with out flow,etc… but as much as possible.

No person is perfect by born, Every person have to be perfect. Any person has to learn to be perfect. Otherwise success wont see you.

Perfection is never attainable. no one can be perfect. Person can go near it but cant get it. If a person follow the perfection , definitely he/she can catch success. It is like Limit function in Mathematics. In Math, we write( Lim t–>0) means  t is a variable and it will go near to ‘0’ but never become ‘0’.

A great person MAHATMA GANDHI said great lines “A PRINCIPAL is the expression of PERFECTION, And as imperfect beings like us cannot practice PERFECTION, we devise every moment limits of its compromise in PRACTICE.”(Image taken from Lifehack quotes)

So the Limit example was true that we can reach near to PERFECTION but can not be PERFECT.

Perfection comes with experience and experience comes with experiences.


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