Struggle- a Painful but Great part of Every One’s LIFE


Every one has different life. Some people have easy life,some have hard life. When a child born, if parents are well settled then  he/she have good life but he/she have to struggle at some point of life like carrier, partner,etc… In other side, if parents are not well settled then he/she have to struggle from childhood but his/her life is more good and satisfied when the time come for settled life.

I am not judging anyone here but as i seen some families, i came to know that at last all is good if people are happy. The point is STRUGGLE. In both kind of families struggle will be there, in early time or late time. It’s not like that well settled people must struggle, but some people face it. Every people struggle in their own life. Not only for starve or earn money, there may be different aspect as per their life. But people face it and get rid of it and have good life.

One example we have, a chain is made connected links made of metal. But when we tied it to some extent,  it will also struggle to tie that thing. It will struggle until we relies it. But it never fails until the force become more than its bearable strength. Be like chain.

Struggle is like TEACHER. It teaches you how to manage the all situations. when we are in some problem at that time the lessons we learnt from struggle came to help you out. Also, struggle will tell you that who believe in you and who don’t. we came to know the true support of family and friends.

This is LIFE and STRUGGLE is a part of it. Don’t loose hope, believe in yourself and do hard word in the time of STRUGGLE. SUCCESS is yours always. No one will get your desired outcome of your efforts, you are the one who will get it ad enjoy it.

I am also in this phase. But Life has its own way, we have to do what we are made for. ALL is Well at the end. God bless you all. Have a nice day…

–J@ck Jay Katira



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