Transformation is a process where thing and living changes the way of being used or being live. we are also a part of transformation. Troglodyte were the first human being. As time passed people live more easily than Early man from stone age. We are from 21st century- smart technology world.As we accommodate more facilities we transformed from stone age to technology age.

One little story for Transformation:” once a man used to walk to reach from one place to another. After some years he used bicycle for transport, then two-wheeler and four-wheeler. At last he transformed from walk to use vehicle. At last his tummy became big, and went to gym. There he was given exercise sets for walking and cycling.”

lol… Here, TRANSFORMATION done very effectively. Its not only in transportation but also in all kind of routine. We used to wear good clothes, to eat good food, to have good living, to live in good home, etc…

But, As we transformed we used to have more facilities. We become lazy due to some facilities. As stated in story, Transformation is good, but Life cycle completes. Man was at the same stage where he started. I am not in opposition of Transformation but we become more lazy. So people, be alert, be Good, be transformed but don’t be lazy.

–J@ck Jay Katira


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