Circus as Entertainment and Life


If we talking about Circus, then lots of fun and entertainment comes in mind.

There are lots of things in circus, clowns, trained animals, trainers, entertainers, jumpers, gymnastics, etc… They all work together to entertain the world. Children become happy to see clowns and trained animals doing some moves. Elders also eagerly see the whole circus play. In short Family stays Happy if they visit The Circus.

Life is also the same as a CIRCUS. A child start the journey of life , travelling the Youth and completes at Old. Initially all people are genuine and kind. But when life starts he/she have clowns on faces and complete the journey. At the end, we become helpless and old.

People don’t wear clowns, be yourself. It suits everybody and most importantly it suits you best. Don’t be helpless as you can’t get your expected things in life. Accept it and go on. A great Writer, Actor, English Poet: William Shakespeare said that “Show  must Go On…”. The same thing here, Life is like Circus, out life must go on.

–J@ck Jay Katira


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