Blank: Too many Meanings


This word states “Nothing”. Right now what should i write, that is also blank. Its a state where no things in active position. Also no new activity will start.

From human body, our mind is an organ by which we can easily understand “What is BLANK?”. One time there’s a state when we think that nothing is working, what to do now?, what were we doing?. This is what actually called BLANK. Blank is a state where we dont know what to do, how to do, where to do.  No confusion no discussion running in our Head. But if you can thing between this positions then its not BLANK.

Blank  is also we can say that clean wall, clear ground, like we close our eye we have blank sight. Expressionless, Empty, vacant, uninterested, emotionless, unresponsive all are synonyms of BLANK. Also we know the sky, space where there is some empty space in certain amount of area, which is also called Blank.

so many time i see some people are thinking in their mind of they most of the time stay silent, they dont know what to do, even they dont know what to believe or not to believe. This is also a state where people think themselves as BLANK. Butttt….

My thought is that, People are most creative thing made by GOD. They should not be BLANK. Always stay creative, stay Happy.

–J@ck Jay Katira


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