Fork Either As a Thing or As a Thought


Mainly Fork is a toll by which we can eat some kind of food easily. Here two kind of way to use this word.

As a Thing

Everyone having their food as always but some food needs to be taken by fork. The one of use of Fork is for Eating Noodle, Banana etc…  If we use spoon for catching noodle, it will slip from spoon. Instead of spoon if we use Fork we can easily grab that noodle in a heavy amount.

As a Thought

We all have seen Fork. Its having 4-5 sharp leads, not as much sharp but little one. One of thing we can imagine that if we have only one sharp lead then we can only eat a single piece of food and if we have 4-5 these leads then we can have sufficient amount of food  for eating. Same way our life works. As we alone go for a big work then we may not complete it in available time. But if we together work as 4-5 people then big work may complete in available time.

There is another story in Indian culture, of a old man and his four son. Story starts as ” Once there was a  Farmer, He has four sons. He is getting too old and he was afraid for caring his property in village. His sons were too lazy persons. once Farmer heard that His sons don’t want to live together. Again Farmer was in tension for caring and dividing land between four sons.

One day He was too ill and called his sons to his room. He gave one hard stick to each son and asked to break it in one attempt. All sons were very healthy and hard working by physic, they all break the stick in first attempt. Then he gave a bunch of four sticks to each son and asked to break it in one attempt. All sons tried to break it but failed and they were shocked for not breaking of bunch. Then old man said One Good sentence ‘If you are alone then any one can break you but if you are Together then no one break you.’ –Story Ends.”

The same thing as a thought works in Fork.


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